About Us

GLOBALCARE is a medical travel organization in Gurgaon, India who provides you excellent healthcare services along with memorable holidays in India. We are one of the most prefferred medical travel companies with International Patients where you will get more personalized care than anywhere else.

GLOBALCARE is a healthcare facilitator in India who understands the importance and the need of your medical requirement. We provide best quality care treatment at lowest prices you have ever come across.

GLOBALCARE is associated with World-famous medical facilities and hospitals. We have the most advanced medical equipments and resources to offer you the finest medical treatment in India, and help you on your prompt recovery. We are expert in providing the ultimate in medical along with tourism packages. There are a great many surgical procedures that would be far cheaper for you to have in India, and we offer the best rates and care on some of the more common procedures. GLOBALCARE is only attached with those hospitals which have a devoted International Patient's Division and understand the needs of patient who is coming across the world and have expertise in smooth operational activities and perfect coordination with the people worldwide. GLOBALCARE is associated with such hospitals and medical clinics which have International accreditation like JCI, CCHSA, ASCHI, TRENT etc by the international healthcare governing bodies.

At our hospitals we have dedicated departments and their head of the departments in a wide variety of medical fields. India posseses some of the world's leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists and weight loss/obesity specialists who are appreciated, mentioned and accepted internationally . If you were to pay an American surgeon with the skills and a reputation that some of our specialists have, you could end up spending all your savings and earnings. We understand the need of medical care of you and your beloved ones and thus play a very important role to guide you for choosing the best treatment and facilities in India.

Our Mission


GLOBALCARE is a tailor based healthcare facilitator whose priority is to arrange the best medical service at most excellent price. We keep your needs in mind and prepare the complete package for you. We would be happy to serve you in India.

Our Vision

"To become a trust worthy and transparent Medical Advisory Company for you and your loved ones."

GLOBALCARE is most preferred healthcare facilitator in India. Instead of numbers of patients, quality is more important for us. Each patient is important to us and we assure quality of services to our patients, and will continue endowing the same with Consistency, Transparency, Trust, Total Solution are our main principles to persist for a long run relationship with us.


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