A colposcopy is a gynecological procedure in which a detailed examination of the cervix (the neck of the womb) is conducted. A colposcope is like a large magnifying glass. It allows a doctor or specialist nurse to look more closely at the cells that cover the delicate lining of the cervix.

A colposcopy is usually done if you've had an abnormal cervical screening test (also sometimes known as a pap smear test).

In rare instances, abnormal cervical cells can become cancerous, so a cervical screening test helps to ensure that any cell changes are diagnosed and, if necessary, treated as soon as possible.

During a colposcopy, the colposcope does not touch patient's body, or go inside it, and the procedure should not cause you any pain or discomfort.

Some colposcopy clinics may have video equipment so that the doctor carrying out the procedure can view the examination on a screen. A patient can also watch the procedure if she wishes.

Colposcopy is a safe procedure with no complications other than vaginal spotting of blood.

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