Degenerative Myopia

Myopic degeneration is a hereditary deformation of the eye that causes dramatically blurred vision or complete blindness. It is a retinal condition that occurs when the eye continues to grow beyond the normal size causing the stretching of the retina. This stretching of the retina causes degenerative changes that can lead to retinal tears, holes and detachments. This condition can also cause choroidal neovascularization. This is the formation of new blood vessels in the retina. This can be devastating and cause significant vision loss. One with degenerative myopia with have a prescription of greater than -6.00 that continues to progress.

An ophthalmologist may perform a procedure called scleral bucking to reinforce the protective sclera and therefore reduce myopic degeneration. This process involves inserting a supportive strap into the back of the eye, strengthening the sclera. This has been shown to prevent further vision loss and, anecdotally, to even slightly restore the patient's vision.

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