Gastric Balloon

If you're overweight or obese, then gastric balloon procedure is an ideal solution for weight loss. Gastric balloon procedure is a minimally invasive procedure which involves inserting the soft, expandable, silicone gastric balloon into the stomach via a camera that enters through the mouth. It is then filled with sterile saline, reducing the amount of food you need to consume to feel full.

Placement of the intra gastric balloon takes approximately 20 minutes and is performed by a team of qualified gastroenterologists. Because the balloon is inserted and removed in a day clinic and does not involve surgery, it is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure.

The Intra Gastric Balloon is completely reversible and effective in temporarily controlling hunger, reducing food intake, initiating dietary change, and achieving target weight loss of 10 to 30kg.

In the first week after the procedure, you will be on a liquid diet with instructions to drink lots of water. After the first week, the dietician will recommend solid food. You will receive instructions on your initial solid-foods nutrition regime with calorie restrictions. During the six months that the gastric balloon is in place, there will be a gastric balloon diet program and meetings with your team to measure your weight loss progress and for education and training. This period is important to prepare you for maintaining weight loss after the gastric balloon is removed. The gastric balloon process gives you an opportunity to adapt the healthier lifestyle changes that you must make in order to maintain your ideal body weight.

The Intra Gastric Balloon remains in the stomach for a 6 month period, and then it is removed the same way it was placed.

Gastric balloons are ideal for people who have tried to lose weight through various means such as dieting and exercise, but have failed to achieve their desired weight loss target and would like to avoid future weight gain. Gastric balloon procedure is suitable for people with a BMI of over 27kg/m2.

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