Gum Surgery

The size, shape and health of gum tissue greatly influence the aesthetic appearance of the size and shape of a person's smile. Too much gum tissue can lead to teeth that look short and stubby while too little gum tissue can lead to exposure of root surfaces teeth that look way too long. Naturally if gum tissue is uneven or asymmetrical this may result in uneven and asymmetrical looking teeth.

Cosmetic gum surgery can rectify "Long in the Tooth" Smile and "Gummy Smile" issues. Cosmetic gum surgery can be done to reduce the excess gum and bone. The removal of these tissues allows for normal sized teeth and for a normal gum line appearance by using an instrument, usually a laser, to remove the undesirable tissue.
In cases where gums have receded more than normal with aging, cosmetic surgery can be opted. A cosmetic dentist or periodontist will remove tissue from the roof of your mouth and then grafts it onto your gum line. This tissue then reinforces thin gums or fills in areas where your gums have receded.

Generally, your cosmetic dentist will prescribe an antibacterial mouth rinse to be used twice a day for a two-week period following your surgery.

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