IntraLasik also known as All-Laser Lasik or iLASIK is similar to like traditional conventional or custom wavefront Lasik. The only difference being that the corneal flap is created with a femtosecond laser microkeratome rather than a mechanical microkeratome with a steel blade. The IntraLasik name comes from a combination of the name of a femtosecond laser manufacturer, Intralase, and Lasik.

All-Laser Lasik may be performed with conventional laser ablation or wavefront-guided custom Lasik laser ablation.

IntraLasik has many advantages such as much more predictable and safety. IntraLasik allows for more precise positioning of the flap, more accurate thickness of the flap, more even thickness of the flap throughout, and a lower probability of intraoperative complications such as buttonhole flaps, thin/thick flaps, or epithelial defect.

Some patients may experience a short period of increased corneal edema with All-Laser Lasik. This slight swelling can cause vision to be blurry, but the swelling normally resolves with healing. Occasionally an All-Laser Lasik patient will experience some photosensitivity. All these issues usually resolve during the normal Lasik six-month healing process, however additional eye drop medication may be required.

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