Mini Gastric Bypass

The mini gastric bypass surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and works similarly to the standard gastric bypass in which the stomach is separated into 2 parts. Instead of a small pouch, the stomach is partitioned into to a tube and a separate larger piece. The tubular stomach part is attached near the end of the small intestine and the larger stomach is sealed and left unattached.

The smaller stomach restricts the amount of food the patient can eat and the bypass of a portion of the small intestine reduces the absorption of fat and calories. This combination of smaller volume and decreased absorption can result in weight loss up to 60% of their excess body weight.

The surgery takes about 45 minutes and the recovery is a very fast since the procedure is done by laparoscopy. The patient will be walking 2 or 3 hours post-op and will be discharged from the hospital in 24-48 hours after the surgery.

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