METRx Minimally Invasive Disectomy

METRx ® tubular system for spinal surgery is a less invasive version of traditional spine surgery in which tubular retractor is applied by using microsurgical techniques to achieve nerve and spinal cord decompression and spine stability. For the first time invasive surgeries like microdiscectomy, laminotomy, foraminotomy and inner decompression of the spinal cord can be performed in a less invasive way and without the use of general anesthesia.

The METRX system combines the reliability of conventional microsurgical methods with the advantages of a minimally invasive technique. The advantage of METRX system over traditional microsurgical methods is that now the neurosurgeon can perform spine surgery by using segmental dilators and tubular retractors and apply a technique that minimizes the amount of damage to muscle tissue which is the main factor of spine stability.

With the new METRxT System, surgeons can perform this type of discectomy surgery with a special type of muscle splitting technique that minimizes the amount of muscle damage that is necessary in order to be able to see where the herniated disc is located and safely remove the herniated fragments while protecting the nerve roots and spinal cord. In comparison to a standard discectomy, a micro surgery discectomy performed with the METRxT System causes much less pain after the surgery, and allows patients to leave the hospital earlier, and return to work and their daily activities sooner. This type of surgery also makes rehabilitation and physical therapy after spine surgery much easier because there has been less damage done to the muscles that move and protect the spine, which leads to less scar tissue formation.

After METRx Minimally Invasive Disectomy, the anesthesiologist awakens you and you are watched in the recovery room. You then go to your room and may go home that day or the next day. You will be given medication to control any discomfort.

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