Pyeloplasty Laparoscopic/Open

Pyeloplasty is a kidney surgery to reconstruct a damaged ureter and renal pelvis. For adults the renal pelvis of the kidney and the ureters that lead down to the bladder becomes susceptible to being deformed when urine is built up in the urinary system, due to something blocking the urine and forcing it back up into the kidney(s). The uretero-pelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction can also be a congenital problem.

Laparoscopic pyeloplasty is one of several minimally invasive treatment options for UPJ obstruction. In fact, several endoscopically and fluoroscopically controlled methods of incising the obstructed UPJ are now available that are significantly less invasive and less morbid in comparison with open pyeloplasty. However, the long-term success rates of these incision techniques are less than the rates reported for open pyeloplasty.

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