Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Stereotactic radiotherapy is non-surgical procedure, and is a highly precise form of radiation therapy used to treat tumors and other abnormalities of the brain. Nowadays, radiotherapy is also being used to treat cancer in other parts of the body in a procedure called stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).

Stereotactic radiotherapy delivers precisely-targeted radiation at much higher doses than traditional radiation therapy while sparing healthy tissue organs nearby.

Three-dimensional imaging, such as CT, MRI, and PET/CT is used to locate the tumor or abnormality within the body and define its exact size and shape. These images guide the treatment planning-in which beams of radiation are designed to converge on the target area from different angles and planes-as well as the careful positioning of the patient for therapy sessions.

Although stereotactic radiotherapy is usually completed in a one-day session, physicians sometimes recommend multiple sessions, especially for tumors larger than one inch in diameter. The procedure is usually referred to as fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy when two to five treatments are given.

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