Implants (Titanium)

Titanium is a strong, lightweight, silver-gray metal. Titanium has many properties like the ability to bind with human bone in a process called biointegration or osseointegration. Due of this, and the fact that the body does not reject it, this metal can be used for a number of medical and dental purposes. Hip and knee replacements, typically involve the use of a titanium implant. It is very strong for its weight, virtually nonmagnetic, and totally compatible with the human body.

Titanium implants are finding greater acceptability and uses in the field of dentistry. A titanium implant for dental use will typically consist of a screw which resembles the root of a tooth and has either a smooth or roughened surface. The "root" is placed in the jawbone and the process of osseointegration is allowed to take place for several weeks or months. Once healed, a dentist will then attach a crown to the root. Because the root is already integrated, the patient is then immediately able to use the new implant as if it were a natural tooth.

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