Vascectomy Reversal (Vasovasostomy)

A vasectomy reversal is a form of a microsurgical vasovasostomy in which doctors meticulously re-attach the severed ends of the vas deferens, using precision microsurgical instruments under high-powered magnification.

Vasectomy reversal is mostly an outpatient procedure and does not require overnight stay in the hospital. Spinal or general anesthesia is commonly used to ensure that patient stays still and relaxed during the surgery.

The chances of vasectomy reversal success depend on how much time has passed between the vasectomy and the reversal. Over a time period, additional blockages can occur and some males develop antibodies to their own sperm.

The surgery is more complicated and takes more time when blockage between the vas deferens and the epididymis requires correction (vasoepididymostomy).

Vasectomy reversal usually takes 2 to 4 hours, followed by a few more hours for recovery from the anesthetic. You can expect to go home the same day.

Pain may be mild to moderate. You would be able to resume normal activities, including sex, within 3 weeks.

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