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Meniscus Repair Surgery

(Package: $4000-$4500)

Meniscus repair surgery is the surgery performed to solve the problem related to the meniscal tears. The meniscal tear is present in the menisci or cartilage. It is located in between the tibia and femur bones found in the lower leg. Menisci helps to build the stability by distributing the weight of the body evenly on the bones. The nutrients are distributed evenly to the cartilage and tissues, which cover the tibia and femur bones.

Meniscal Tear

Meniscial tear is the tear that could be caused from sudden and unprepared twisting or similar movements, which might be occurred from the injuries and sports. People above 30 and the sportspersons, especially playing the contact sports are more prone to these tears. The menisci would usually tear in different ways. The considerations are how the tears look and where the tears are occurred. Usual and frequent tears are parrot-break, longitudinal, bucket handle, complex, flap, torn horn and transverse.

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When the meniscus tears, the candidate feels pop in the knee. However, people keep walking and playing though it tears. But the knee becomes more stiff and starts swelling gradually in 2 to 3 days.

The common symptoms are
Stiffness and swelling
Severe knee pain
Sensation felt as ‘giving way’
Lock or catching of the knee
Unable to move the knee to its full range of motion
When treatment is not done in time, piece of meniscus might become loose and may also drift to the joint. The result of it can be pop, slip or lock of the knee.

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Doctor Examination and Diagnosis

After the symptoms are discussed clearly and examination of the medical history is done, doctor examines the knee physically. The tenderness and the joint line exactly the place the meniscus sits are checked. Important test conducted for the meniscal tears is the test called McMuray test. The test involves straighten, bend and rotation of the knee. It gives click sound if there is meniscal tear.
Other test conducted is the imaging test, like X-ray or MRI.

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Meniscus Repair Surgery

Treatment of the meniscal tear depends on multiple factors like the size, type of tear and also its location. Other factors considered are the age, level of activity, and related injuries for the plan of the treatment. In the case that the one third of the meniscus outer area has more supply of blood, a tear present in this red zone could be healed by itself. And if not healed by itself, it needs the surgery. In contrast to this, the two-thirds inner meniscus may lack the supply of blood. When no nutrients supplied through the blood to this tear, this white zone is not healed itself. These are worn cartilages and so are complex tears that look thin. These pieces are not possibly grown back and join together, surgery must be performed to trim away this zone.

Treatment regimen noncompliance Serious liver disease persisting, even after the transplantation Other medical conditions, like sever cardiac problem, which could not tolerate the hard surgical procedure Difficult treatment of current or recurring infection Alcohol consumption Metastatic cancer, spread around the source location


The surgery performed for meniscus repair is the knee arthroscopy, most commonly. A miniature camera or arthroscopy is inserted by making a small incision over the knee. It gives clearer view of the inside of the knee. Later some other miniature surgical instruments are also inserted to perform the repair or trimming of the tear.

Meniscectomy is also performed for the meniscal tissues that are damaged. The procedure involves trimming way the damaged tissue. Other meniscus repair procedure is to repair through suturing or stitching the pieces that are torn, together. Since meniscus has to be healed naturally back and joined together, the recovery time needed for this repair takes longer time than that of mensectomy.

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After the surgery is performed, knees are kept in brace or cast. It helps the knee to keep moving. After the surgery, weight must be kept away from the knee and the patient has to use the crutches for about one month.

You have to wear a gown after removing your cloths It starts with IV or intravenous line on the hand. Heart and blood pressure monitoring catheter are inserted to the wrist and neck. Additional catheters may be inserted at subclavian areas. You need to lye on the table. Excessive hair is removed at the site of surgery A catheter is arranged to drain urine After sedation, a tube is inserted into the lungs to control breathing through a ventilator. Skin is cleaned using an antiseptic solution A slant incision is done under the ribs. The diseased liver is separated from the structure and surrounding organs to remove and the veins and arteries are clamped to control the flow of blood to the liver Donor liver is taken and connected to the blood vessels of the patient, and blood flow is established. Bile ducts are connected Incision is closed Drain may be needed to place in the site of incision to control swelling Dressing is done

Cost of Meniscus Repair Surgery

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