Venous Angioplasty

(Package: $7500-$9500)

A Venous Angioplasty is a non-surgical procedure, which can be performed during a venogram to open or bypass narrowed veins to prevent clotting. Venous angioplasty can also be used for placement of a stent, which keep a vessel or tissue in an open position to allow bypass of scarred tissue and improve blood flow.

For a venous angioplasty procedure, a venogram (procedural x-ray of veins) is performed. Once blocked or narrowed vessel(s) are visualized on the venogram, a balloon tipped catheter is inserted into the blocked vein and guided under fluoroscopic x-ray to the area of interest. The balloon inflates to correct the blockage and enable blood flow. In some circumstances, a stent is put on the balloon tipped catheter. When the balloon is inflated, the stent is expanded and sticks to the walls of the blood vessel to keep it open.

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