Procedures of Transplants

Bone Marrow Transplant

A bone marrow transplant is a procedure that injects your body with healthy blood-forming stem cells to replace bone marrow that isn't producing enough healthy blood cells. A stem cell transplant is another name for a bone marrow transplant. If your bone marrow stops working and does not produce enough healthy blood cells, you may require a bone marrow transplant. If Cells from your own ...

Heart Transplant

A Heart Transplant is a medical procedure in which a cardiac surgeon replaces the damaged heart with a healthy donor heart. Cardiac transplants are typically only advised by medical professionals for patients who have extensive heart disease that is in its final stages and who is not responding to treatment.

One of the most difficult surgeries is heart transplant surgery. However, the...

Kidney Transplant

A surgical procedure called a kidney transplant is used to treat renal failure. A healthy kidney from a deceased person or a matching donor is used to replace a sick or failing kidney. The kidneys filter waste metabolites from the body and clean the blood by excreting waste through urine. As a result, the kidneys assist in controlling the body's electrolyte balance. Waste builds up in the ...

Liver Transplant

A Liver Transplant is a surgical procedure where a healthy liver from a deceased donor or a piece of a healthy liver from a living donor is removed from a patient's failing liver and is replaced. The prospect of a liver transplant is typically only considered as a treatment for those with severe difficulties brought on by end-stage chronic liver disease. In rare circumstances where a ...

Lung Transplant

A lung transplant is a type of operation where a donor lung is used to replace your diseased or damaged lung. The majority of donated lungs are from the dead.

You must have a severe lung ailment that is unresponsive to medicine and other treatments in order to qualify for a lung transplant.

The three basic forms of lung transplants are as follows: